PREPARATION: Our classes are challenging. To get the most of out them, you should be willing to push yourself and endure some discomfort. The results are worth it!

BEGINNERS: Those who want a slower, more systematic introduction to our workouts are highly encouraged to attend our Fundamentals classes held several times each week.

To better understand what we do, please read more about our classes.

ATTIRE: Put on comfortable gym clothes, remove dangling jewelry, and avoid wearing any fragrances. For CARDIO+ or HYBRID classes, wear athletic shoes and remove your rings.


ARRIVE EARLY: Sign up online prior to coming to the studio, and make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before class starts for a brief orientation. If you arrive late, you will not be allowed into class.

GRIP SOCKS: These are worn for hygiene and safety in our RESISTANCE classes. We sell them in the studio. You can go barefoot if you want, but we don't recommend it.

WATER: Bring a full water bottle into the workout room with you. You can fill it at our bottle filler for free, but once class starts we would prefer that no one leave the room.

HAND TOWELS: We provide towels for sweat during class and cool, refreshing wet towels after class. 


REHYDRATE: You will sweat buckets (especially in our CARDIO+ classes), so make sure to drink a lot.

REST: You will probably become quite sore 12-24 hours or so after your first class. It's important to give your body some time to recover. 

COME BACK: After a couple days of rest, you should be ready for another round! It's not necessary to wait until all soreness disappears. Many people come almost every day and alternate between CARDIO+ and RESISTANCE classes.

SHOWERS: Our Boulder studio has one shower. It's often in high demand after some classes, so plan accordingly. You'll need to bring your own towel.