Our RESISTANCE classes follow the Lagree Fitness method, which borrows elements from Pilates to create a zero-impact, no-rest, 50-minute experience. We use the Megaformer machine to build deep core strength, long and lean muscles, balance and flexibility, improved concentration, and a body that is less prone to injury. Various types of lunges, planks, and pushing and pulling moves are part of every class. All exercises are performed until your muscles are fully fatigued. Then you keep going a little longer! You can read more about our resistance training here. [Book a RESISTANCE class]


Our RESISTANCE FORM classes will bring you through many of the fundamental exercises of the Lagree Fitness Method. You will experience minimal “layering” of exercises with holds, pulses, or different variations of the same exercise. Expect most movements to be performed at the front of the machine. You will also feel less haste to transition between exercises (than in a RESISTANCE class) so that you can focus on refining your form. These classes are open to all levels and are great for both beginners and advanced students who want to perfect technique. They are also a great option for students who might want a less intense (intermediate) RESISTANCE class option to compliment the rest of their workout routine.
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Our RESISTANCE Breakdown class is designed to give an in-depth introduction to the Megaformer and the science behind the Lagree Fitness Method. Expect to break between many exercises during the workout so that you can better learn about the mechanics of the machine as well as what muscles should be activated while completing different movements. This class is great for beginners, as well as veterans who want to dive deeper into understanding The Lagree Method at Mecha. [Book a RESISTANCE Breakdown class]

*Resistance Breakdown classes will begin the second week of September 2019.

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