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Our RESISTANCE classes follow the Lagree Fitness method, which borrows elements from Pilates to create a zero-impact, no-rest, 50-minute experience. We use the Megaformer machine to build deep core strength, long and lean muscles, balance and flexibility, improved concentration, and a body that is less prone to injury. Various types of lunges, planks, and pushing and pulling moves are part of every class. All exercises are performed until your muscles are fully fatigued. Then you keep going a little longer! You can read more about our resistance training here. [Book a RESISTANCE class]


Our RESISTANCE Fundamentals classes focus on form and technique, emphasizing the science behind Lagree Fitness. These classes are open to all levels and are great for both beginners and for advanced students who want to perfect technique.  [Book a RESISTANCE Fundamentals class]


These 60-minute hybrid RESISTANCE and CARDIO+ HIIT classes provide an incredible total-body experience.

Please be sure to bring athletic shoes, a water bottle, and grip socks.