CARDIO+ Circuit Classes 

Are you looking for a fun, fast-paced, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout? Look no further! Mecha’s Circuit classes are 45-minute cardiovascular extravaganzas. You will spike your heart rate on low-impact cardio equipment (Concept 2 SkiErgs, VersaClimbers, and Schwinn Airdyne Bikes) and build muscle strength and tone with focused floor exercises.

You can choose a full-body circuit or one that emphasizes the upper body, core, or lower body. The number of stations and interval times vary from class to class keeping you engaged and on your toes. You can expect mostly short work intervals (30-45 seconds) followed by rest (15-30 seconds) with few longer intervals (2-4 minutes) of continuous work followed by rest. Classes will have anywhere from 6-9 stations, each with different exercises.

These high-energy CIRCUIT classes will motivate you to work harder than you thought possible and test your strength, endurance, and grit. Commit to yourself; CIRCUIT with us and see the results. Sign up for a CIRCUIT class.

  • The CARDIO+ ARMS & ABS CIRCUIT will take you through low-impact, high-intensity cardio stations and strength based exercises leaving your core and upper body screaming in the best way possible. This circuit will work your cardiovascular system, improve your power and increase your definition. Reach muscle failure then dig in for more.You may not be able to lift your water bottle for that sip of water at the end of class, but you will not regret it.

  • The CARDIO+ BUTTS & GUTS CIRCUIT will strengthen and challenge your lower body and core to new limits. This low-impact circuit is high-intensity interval training (HIIT) at its best. Push hard, feel the burn, love the results. A core and buns of steel...sign me up!

  • The CARDIO+ CORE CRUSHER CIRCUIT will strengthen and define the entire core. Push your cardiovascular system to the limit while sculpting your abs in this high-energy, low-impact HIIT circuit. Put in the effort and see the results.

  • The CARDIO+ LEG DAY pairs high-intensity (HIIT) low-impact, cardio stations and floor work that will strengthen and sculpt your entire lower body. This circuit will kick your butt! Even if you need to crawl out of class, the endorphin rush will keep you energized for hours. Be a badass with a good ass.

  • The CARDIO+ POWER HOUR CIRCUIT is a full-body, full hour (60-minute) sweat session. If you are looking for a little more work in your workout today, this is the class to take. Build physical strength, cardiovascular endurance, and mental toughness in this low-impact, high-intensity circuit. Your body will be screaming at the end of this hour…screaming for more!

  • ARDIO+ PUMPED CIRCUIT will work your body from head to toe.  You will move through various low-impact cardio and strength based HIIT stations working your entire body. This fast-paced circuit will make you hustle for that muscle.


AMPED classes are a cardiovascular extravaganza! All-out sprints will spike your heart rate, and short endurance blocks (ranging from 3-6 minutes long) will test your cardiovascular strength and mental toughness. This fast-paced, high-energy, high-intensity workout will take place on a variety of low-impact cardio machines and will also involve some floor work. AMPED classes are perfect for those who want a quick but intense workout. Come get AMPED! Sign up for an AMPED class.


STRENGTH & STAMINA classes are the perfect balance of high-intensity (HIIT) cardio and strength training. This high-energy 45-minute class will include a combination of low-impact cardio efforts and focused strength exercises (upper-body days, leg days, core days and full-body days). You can expect to engage in endurance blocks ranging anywhere from 4-12 minutes long of continuous work between cardio equipment and floor work as well as short all-out sprints followed by immediate rest. STRENGTH & STAMINA classes challenge and strengthen both the body and mind. Work hard, have fun, and see the change! Sign up for a STRENGTH & STAMINA class.


These classes fuse HIIT and RESISTANCE training into a single 45-minute experience. We start with a heart-pumping, sweat-drenching segment on SkiErgs, VersaClimbers, and Airdynes. The second half of class focuses on strengthening and toning the core and obliques on the Megaformer. HIIT & Core classes are perfect for those who want the most efficient full-body workout imaginable.Please be sure to bring athletic shoes, a water bottle, and grip socks. Sign up for a HYBRID HIIT & CORE class.


These classes combine work on proper movement mechanics and alignment, muscle activation, and mobility leading you to optimal injury-free movement. Learn how to move through exercises to prevent and recover from injuries, improve your range of motion safely and use the muscles that exercises require.  In each class you can expect a warm-up, a skill block focused on a specific body area or exercises movement, application of the exercise, and a cool down with mobility work. This class is the perfect compliment to all of the Mecha classes you love, and all the movement you do in your life. Sign up for a Movement and Mobility class *starting Wed., May 15th.

*Mobility classes are available with Studio-Wide Memberships and class purchases.


These 60-minute hybrid RESISTANCE and CARDIO+ HIIT classes provide an incredible total-body experience. Start by building a slow, deep burn with a 45-minute full-body RESISTANCE segment then explode with 15-minutes of pure low-impact cardio HIIT. Please be sure to bring athletic shoes, a water bottle, and grip socks. IGNITE is offered only once a week, on Saturdays at 11:0am; reserve your space now. Sign up for an IGNITE class.

*IGNITE classes are available with Studio-Wide Memberships and class purchases.