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Mia Seymour

  • Studio Director & CARDIO+ Director

  • CARDIO+ & Resistance Instructor

Mia loves to work and play hard and will make you do the same! As a certified personal trainer, MWOD Mobility Specialist and Lagree certified teacher, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her teaching. Her strong beats and challenging sequences will make you want to push yourself to your limits! You will leave Mia’s classes drenched in sweat, buzzing from head to toe, and ready for more! 


Bri Taylor

  • Resistance Director

  • Resistance & CARDIO+ Instructor

Bri has been teaching fitness for over 8 years and Lagree for the last 6. Bri's classes are consistent works of art. With precise instructions and well-thought-out transitions, her sequences flow seamlessly. Bri loves to have fun with her playlists (think fun, danceable, occasionally bass-heavy) and promises high-energy music that will help you to keep going, even when you want to quit. No matter what your fitness level is, you will feel challenged in Bri’s classes. She will motivate you to dig deeper and get the most out of your workout. By the end of class, you'll be shaking with fatigue but eager to come back for more.


Justin Gray

  • CARDIO+ & Resistance Instructor

Bio coming soon


Kari Sullivan

  • CARDIO+ Instructor

To Kari, movement is medicine. Her passion lies in helping you to see that the body not only needs daily movement but that it thrives when faced with physical challenges. As a certified personal trainer, Kari focuses on proper mechanics and well-being. Kari's HIIT classes will have you pushing yourself harder than you ever thought possible and will still have you coming back wanting more!


Victoria Larkins

  • Resistance Instructor

Victoria has always been passionate and curious about the body and its vast potential. With an eagle eye for proper form, she will help you maximize your own potential in every class.


Adriana Richards

  • Resistance & CARDIO+ Instructor

Adriana brings a fun and playful energy to her classes while still maintaining a key eye on form and technique. She promises a tough class with a killer playlist that will leave you shaking and ready for more!


Pavanjeet S.

  • CARDIO+ Instructor

Pavanjeet’s passion is creating spaces of radical growth and change. He brings wit, challenge and encouragement to each of his classes. Pavanjeet means the victorious breath of life, and you will be grateful for his Kundalini background in breathwork as he leads you through sprints. He guides others to personal victories by supporting them tap into their primal energy. With a strong playlist (inspired by his days as a New York City DJ) and class programmed to challenging all-levels of fitness, you will laugh, sweat, and work!

Maddy (1).jpg

Maddy Martens

  • CARDIO+ & Resistance Instructor

Maddy Maddy has been teaching dance for over a decade and dove into other forms of fitness to further educate dancers and prevent injuries, and immediately fell in love. She has been teaching group fitness classes ever since. Don’t be fooled by her sweetness, she will make you work hard and will keep her eye on your form and technique. Maddy focuses on helping each of her clients to become the healthiest version of themselves. Her classes are fun and energizing and programmed to fatigue the right muscles in all the right places so you can push yourself a little further each time.


Sammy Beech

  • Resistance & CARDIO+ Instructor

Bio coming soon


Briony Schnee

  • CARDIO+ Instructor

Bio coming soon


Christa Boettiger

  • CARDIO+ Instructor

  • Christa loves to move and push her body, but ultimately believes that working out should be
    fun! With a background as a competitive runner, a NASM personal trainer and yoga
    instructor, Christa brings her knowledge and passion for fitness to her classes. Always keeping
    the energy high and mood positive, Christa will keep it fun while challenging you to push yourself mentally and

Traci headshot.jpg

Traci Bennett

  • Kinstretch Instructor (Mobility)

  • Traci has been a life-long competitive athlete. After several injuries, she transitioned from a competitive athlete, to coach, to mobility specialist, and eventually found Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and Kinstretch. She slowed down to focus on the quality of movement rather than the intensity of it and now has a whole new perspective on her own training and how she approaches training others. Traci wants to help people move and FEEL better, while imploring them with the knowledge and means to fix themselves and find their groove!