Victoria Larkins

Victoria has always been passionate and curious about the body and its vast potential. With an eagle eye for proper form, she will help you maximize your own potential in every class.


Mia Seymour

Mia loves to work and play hard and will make you do the same! As an ACE certified personal trainer and Yoga Slacker instructor, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her teaching. Her strong beats and challenging sequences will make you want to push yourself to your limits! You will leave Mia’s classes drenched in sweat, buzzing from head to toe, and ready for more! 


Bri Taylor

Bri's classes are consistent works of art. With precise instructions and well-thought-out transitions, her sequences flow seamlessly. By the end of class, you'll be shaking with fatigue but eager to come back again.


Sammy Beech

Her classes marry her physiology and neuroscience background with core and leg-centric sequences to create brutally playful Lagree Fitness™ routines. You will be pushed and tested. But, take a class with Sammy and you'll be shaking with laughter as you try to walk out of the studio! 


Kari Sullivan

To Kari, movement is medicine. Her passion lies in helping you to see that the body not only needs daily movement but that it thrives when faced with physical challenges. As a certified personal trainer, Kari focuses on proper mechanics and well-being. Kari's HIIT classes will have you pushing yourself harder than you ever thought possible and will still have you coming back wanting more!


Briony Schnee

Briony is passionate about helping students achieve peak health, physically, mentally, and emotionally. She feels the body is an excellent entry point to calming the mind and processing emotions and will encourage you to use your breath to manage discomfort during sessions. Briony has a strong yoga background, but when she found Mecha the benefits and improvements she saw were unmistakable. Her HIIT classes are fast-paced and intense. While her Resistance classes will push you to find maximum engagement. In both classes you will enjoy her high octane tunes and will find yourself reaching your potential!


Kenda Donahue

Kenda is a skilled, creative, dynamic and attentive instructor with years of yoga and fitness experience and advanced training. She will push you to your limits while holding space for your specific movement abilities and goals! 


Peggy Lyons

Peggy is a Certified Pilates Instructor, holds an advanced degree in Fitness Management/Exercise Science, and has worked in the health and fitness industry for 35 years. Her greatest pride has been her role of mother to her two extraordinary adult daughters. And, she teaches a phenomenal class!


Michele Howard

Michele is uncommonly obsessed with proper core engagement in order to drive correct alignment, form and activation. Whether you are a veteran athlete or just getting back into a fitness routine, Michele will provide hands-on assistance to help you get to the next level and the encouragement to keep you going! Because the truth is, you have everything you need already in you.


Adriana Richards

Adriana brings a fun and playful energy to her classes while still maintaining a key eye on form and technique. She promises a tough class with a killer playlist that will leave you shaking and ready for more!

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Danielle Madden


Pavanjheet S.


Justin Gray