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Our RESISTANCE classes follow the Lagree Fitness method, which borrows elements from Pilates to create a zero-impact, no-rest, 50-minute experience. We use the Megaformer machine to build deep core strength, long and lean muscles, balance and flexibility, improved concentration, and a body that is less prone to injury. Various types of lunges, planks, and pushing and pulling moves are part of every class. All exercises are performed until your muscles are fully fatigued. Then you keep going a little longer! You can read more about our resistance training here. [Book a RESISTANCE class]


Our RESISTANCE Fundamentals classes focus on form and technique, emphasizing the science behind Lagree Fitness. These classes are open to all levels and are great for both beginners and for advanced students who want to perfect technique.  [Book a RESISTANCE Fundamentals class]


Each HIIT class consists of a sequence of sprints, time trials, and and endurance intervals on VersaClimbers and Schwinn Airdynes. Your cardiovascular system is the primary focus of each class. Everything we do is low-impact and friendly to your joints and connective tissue. Please be sure to bring athletic shoes and a water bottle. [Book a HIIT class]


STRENGTH & STAMINA classes are the perfect balance of high-intensity (HIIT) cardio and strength training. This high-energy 45-minute class will include a combination of low-impact cardio efforts and focused strength exercises (upper-body days, leg days, and core days). STRENGTH & STAMINA classes challenge and strengthen both the body and mind. Work hard, have fun, and see the change!


These classes are a cardiovascular extravaganza! Short sprints will spike your heart rate, and longer endurance blocks will test your mettle. This fast-paced, high-energy, high-intensity workout will take place on a variety of low-impact cardio machines and will also involve some floor work. AMPED classes are perfect for those who want a quick but intense workout. Come get AMPED! [Book an AMPED class]

HIIT Circuit

Our HIIT Circuit classes consist of 40 seconds of intense work followed by 20 seconds recovery at a variety of stations. You'll use VersaClimbers, Schwinn Airdyne bikes, Concept 2 SkiErgs, Rope Trainers, TRX, resistance bands, soft plyo boxes, and more. Each class is different! Everything we do is low-impact and friendly to your joints and connective tissue. These classes take place in a loud, low-light environment. Please bring athletic shoes and a water bottle! [Book a HIIT Circuit Class]


These classes fuse HIIT training and RESISTANCE training into a single 45 minute experience. We start with a heart-pumping, sweat-drenching segment on VersaClimbers and/or Airdynes. The second half of class focuses on strengthening and toning the core and obliques on the Megaformer. HIIT & Core classes are perfect for those who want the most efficient full-body workout imaginable. Please be sure to bring athletic shoes, a water bottle, and grip socks. [Book a HYBRID: HIIT & Core class]