Learn proper push-up form, as well as progressions that will lead you to a complete push-up safely and effectively, and specific exercises that will help you focus on strengthening your way to your first (or 100th) push-up. Walk away with exercises to improve your push-up strength and video links to follow at home. Take your new push-up practice with confident badassery into your HIIT and circuit classes. All levels welcome.

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Kari Sullivan

Kari is a certified personal trainer with mad love and respect for the human body. She believes that everyone has the potential to enjoy and actually love the skin they are in. She also firmly believes that everyone should feel like a Badass (hence this workshop series!). Kari has used fitness, mindfulness, and body awareness practices to help clients attain this. Kari earned a B.S degree in Nutrition, is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, and loves what she does!