Justin Gray

An eloquent technician and expositor of the Lagree Method™, Justin understands how to motivate you to perform every move perfectly. He's a DJ extraordinaire and promises an amazing playlist for every class.


Victoria Larkins

Victoria has always been passionate and curious about the body and its vast potential. With an eagle eye for proper form, she will help you maximize your own potential in every class.

Jake Schuppe

With a decade of competitive rowing experience and several years of high-level coaching under his belt, Jake is involved in every athletic pursuit under the sun. He's enthusiastic about introducng newcomers to rowing as a life-long activity, and he's also well-equipped to help expert rowers hone their technique.

Kate Swenson

A self-described “movement junkie,” Kate began rowing at age 15, and has been hooked on the intensity and beauty of the sport ever since. Anything that pushes her limits is a must, whether it’s in the fitness studio, on the water, or on the trails. She has worked with rowing coaches from all over the country, and has a personal mission to bring rowing into the lives of everyone around her. 

Lily Wilkinson

After taking her first class, Lily loved how the Lagree Fitness™ workout left her feeling strong, embodied and WORKED! She is excited to help others find this same challenge and sense of empowerment - inside and out! 


Bryan Carlinksy

As a sports and fitness fanatic, hiker, skier, and surfer, Bryan found this method makes all the above more sustainable. He has completely transformed his body and is dedicated to helping others experience their own life changing, full body transformation. Bryan has been a trainer in the Lagree Method all over LA and Orange County for over 5 years. His workouts are fun, upbeat, challenging, and will leave you dripping with sweat!


Bri Taylor

Bri's classes are consistent works of art. With precise instructions and well-thought-out transitions, her sequences flow seamlessly. By the end of class, you'll be shaking with fatigue but eager to come back again.

Sammy Beech

Her classes marry her physiology and neuroscience background with core and leg-centric sequences to create brutally playful Lagree Fitness™ routines. You will be pushed and tested. But, take a class with Sammy and you'll be shaking with laughter as you try to walk out of the studio! 

Peggy Lyons

Coming Soon!

Addrienne Ziluca

A triathlete and ballet dancer, Adrienne believes that physical and emotional wellness go hand in hand. She's soft-spoken but teaches a really hard class.

Amy Dalton

Amy KNOWS injury, limitations, and frustrating health setbacks well. She has been forced to connect, to tap into a deep internal motivation to maintain a strong and healthy mind/body for life! Her classes are NOT easy. You will be pushed to your limits while being asked to dig deep and pay attention every step of the way. You will leave her classes feeling worked, but inspired, confident, and more connected to your body!

Jessica Brophy

Jessica is inspired by everything health and fitness related. She has completed school at NPTI Denver and is now a certified personal trainer through NASM. After taking her first Lagree class she was instantly hooked! The workout was the hardest thing she had ever done and it left her feeling strong and lean in such a short amount of time. She has found her niche and is excited to teach this amazing method to others! 

Alessandra Jackson

After her first Lagree Fitness class, Alessandra was hooked! She's always loved boutique fitness - switching it up constantly while living in NYC and San Francisco, but nothing beat the intensity of the Megaformer. Expect to leave her class strong and empowered!