Guaranteed Results: For new clients only, if you take 3 classes per week for a full month and can't honestly say you're fitter, more toned, or stronger than before you started, we'll give you your money back.

Private Sessions: You can choose to have your private sessions on the VersaClimber, Airdyne, Megaformer, or some combination thereof.

Auto-Pay Membership Freeze: We'll happily freeze your membership for periods of one month or more if you're going out of town or have an injury. We can only freeze memberships for whole month periods.

Billing: Auto-pay memberships are auto-billed monthly, but you can cancel any time you like.

Private Sessions: Please contact us at or to schedule private sessions.

Late-Cancel/No-Show Fees: If you cancel within 2 hours of class or don't show up, you will forfeit the class. For unlimited members, late cancellations and no-shows will be charged $20. Our 2 hour cancellation policy is very generous, so exceptions are almost never granted. Your late-cancel or no-show displaces another client who might have attended class.

*Unlimited Membership perks include: an additional membership for an immediate family member or significant other for $100 (must live at the same address and use the same credit card), and early access to booking classes.

**Assumes 4 classes per week.

***This discounted rate allows you to attend any class on a space-available basis. If the class isn't full, you're welcome to join in. You will not be able to reserve a spot before-hand, though. Please add yourself to the class using the self-sign-in iPad at the entrance to each studio. Due to technical reasons, you will show up as "unpaid," but we will amend this after the fact. This pricing option must be purchased prior to showing up for class.