The September CARDIO+ Challenge: Take a Ride on the Devil‘s Tricycle

by Mia Seymour, CARDIO+ Director

Every month we post a new CARDIO+ challenge. Some are short, intense sprints (as short as 10 seconds of max effort work) , some a longer (5 minutes of sustained high intensity effort). Some challenges focus on accomplishing an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) between machine work and floor work. This month’s challenge is simple and straight forward but by no means easy.

September brings up back to the Airdyne (AKA Assault Bike, AKA the Devil’s Tricycle). If you are not familiar with the Airdyne, let’s start by saying this bike is NO spin bike. This bike is designed to crush each and every person who puts their feet on the pedals. It doesn’t matter how fit you are, how many marathons you have run, how much you can deadlift or bench press…this bike will humble you, and that’s why we love it.

The September CARDIO+ Challenge:

100 Calories For Time on the Airdyne Bike

Your name goes on the board not to compete with others, but to challenge yourself for improvement over the month and/or to create a personal best. Putting your name on the board is a form of accountability. It means you plan to show up for yourself. It means you plan to come back and work hard each time you enter the room. It means you are a part of the Mecha community. You choose to put your name on the board, to show up, and to work hard for yourself.

Set yourself up for the challenge:

  • Remember it’s meant to be tough. It’s meant to challenge you mentally and physically.

  • Set your intention and hold onto it. What is your goal, choose a pace goal, choose a time goal, set your goal and don’t let yourself back down. You might not reach that goal every time, but you will work for it every time.

  • Bring in your self talk. When it gets hard (and it will) and you want to quit (and you will) what will you tell yourself so you keep working harder all the way to the 100th calorie?

  • Celebrate your hard work and success. Success is in your hard work plain and simple. Your success may be in getting closer to the 100 calories than you ever have before. It might mean making it to 100 without throwing up. It might mean breaking your own personal best. If you show up and work hard- you deserve to celebrate that!

We can’t wait to see the board fill, improvements and personal bests accrue, and celebrations of personal empowerment abound. Join the challenge!