Mecha’s FALL FITNESS CHALLENGE starts Monday, October 14th. The six-week challenge is a great opportunity to have fun, cement your fitness routine (or maybe start a new routine), get super fit, try a variety of classes (maybe find some new favorites), and get yourself feeling your absolute best for the holiday season.

 Read the official rules below so you understand all the ins and outs of the challenge and are ready and prepared to complete all 6 challenges. Some of the classes may be outside of your normal routine (remember this is a challenge). We have added some additional classes to the schedule during the challenge to make each challenge as accessible as possible.

  • Two additional weekend Kinstretch classes will be on the schedule during the challenge

  • A new Resistance Form class is now on the schedule every Monday evening at 6pm.

The CARDIO+ and Resistance class schedules will be hanging in the lobby and will be posted on our website www.mecha.com/classes during the challenge so you can plan out your classes.

Fall Fitness Challenge Official Rules:

To enter:

  • Come into Mecha and get your polaroid photo taken at the front desk.

  • Write your first and last name (clearly) on the back of the photo.

  • Hang your photo on the Challenge wall in the lobby.

  • Start preparing and planning out your classes so you can get all 6 in!

To Participate:

  • Each week you must take 4 classes (make sure you give your body rest and recovery each week). Taking more than 4 classes each week does not provide additional entries.

  • Each week choose one of the 6 challenges (you will end up taking a variety of Mecha classes, and maybe try something new).

  • You can take the 6 challenges in any order you wish.

  • You can only complete one challenge each week- you cannot accrue more than one color star in a given week. If you take an Amped class and Kinstretch class in one week, you will need to choose which color star you want that week. We encourage you to take Kinstretch every week as a tool to keep your body strong and healthy (and injury-free) so you can do all the hard work Mecha classes demand of your body.

  • Each week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.

  • Bonus challenges (think fun!) will be announced on our Instagram and Facebook stories each week. Sometimes more than one challenge will be announced in a given week.

  • Follow us @mechafitness so we pop up first for you on your stories. Stories only last one day so check back each day to find the bonus challenges.

  • We will ONLY announce our bonus challenges on social media (not in the studio).  If you are participating in the challenge, please help us keep them secret (don’t tell your friends) and let everyone find the challenge themselves.

  • Bonus challenges will give you a bonus sticker and an extra entry into the grand prize drawing at the end of the challenge (only if you have completed the full 6 weeks and acquired all 6 colored stars).

  • What if I am not on social media? You can still complete the entire six-week challenge without needing social media.

  • And don’t forget to have FUN!

 To get your star:

  • Once you have completed a weekly challenge (including 4 classes in the week and one of the challenges) bring your sticker to the front desk and let the host know your challenge star. The host will check your visits and give you a star. Then put your photo in the box.

  • One weekly winner will be announced each Monday, and photos will be returned to the wall.

  • If the host is helping another person and you do not have time to wait for your sticker, write your name and desired sticker on a post-it note and attach it to your sticker and put it in the black box. The host will check and sticker photos in the box.

To get your bonus sticker:

  • Once you have completed the bonus challenge, check with the front desk host. If it is a challenge they can confirm, they will give you your bonus sticker to put on your photo. If the host cannot confirm your bonus challenge, write your name on the weekly bonus challenge list and we will add your bonus sticker once confirmed.

 To enter the Grand Prize drawing:

  • Once you have completed all 6 challenges, your photo will be entered into the final Grand Prize drawing. Your name will be entered one additional time for each bonus sticker you acquired.

  • Five names will be drawn on Monday, November 25th an announced on our Instagram and Facebook posts. Prizes include class packages, a Studio Wide Unlimited Month, a private and personalized Kinstretch session, and more.

 Still have questions? Ask one of our hosts or instructors