Mekton/Fuzion/DBZ/AT:V Damage Comparisons

This table illustrates the differences, and similarities, between the damage benchmarks of the various games, and allow GM's to better model the destructive effects, and resistance, of whatever they're trying to model.

Since Mekton uses 25 SDP to 1 Kill while Fuzion uses 50 SDP to 1 Kill, I treated the Mekton weapons and SDP as being double. Similarly, since Mekton I and Mekton II used 10 SDP to 1 Kill, all I and II SDP values are quintuple their listed amount for this table. Therefore, damage of 1d6 from Mekton II was treated as 5d6 on the chart. Likewise, a fanbike with 20 SDP in Mekton II was treated as 100 SDP on the chart.

Some interesting inferences made from this chart are:

Dice SDP Kills Mekton I Weapon Mekton II Weapon Mekton Z Weapon Fuzion Weapon Dragonball Z Weapon Mekton I Object Mekton II Object Mekton Z Object Fuzion Object AT:Votoms Vehicles Dragonball Z Object
1 3.5                        
  5                   Brush (per m/yd), Glass (per m/yd), Metal Lock, Wood Door, Sheetrock Wall (per m/yd)    
2 7           Handgun       Sheetrock Wall (per m/yd)    
  10                   Wooden wall/Fence (per m/yd), Sheetrock Wall (per m/yd)    
3 10.5                   Wooden wall/Fence (per m/yd)    
4 14       Combat Pistol (2d6)           Wooden wall/Fence (per m/yd)    
  15                   Wooden wall/Fence (per m/yd), Furniture    
5 17.5     9mm Pistol (1d6+1), 7.65mm Autorifle (1d6), Submachinegun (1d6), Standard Rifle (1d6+2)             Furniture    
  20                   Furniture, Control Consoles, Motorbike    
6 21       Automag (3d6)           Control Consoles, Motorbike    
7 24.5         light rifle Rifle       Control Consoles, Motorbike    
  25                   Control Consoles (per m/yd), Machinery (per m/yrd), Motorbike    
8 28       Assault Rifle (4d6) heavy rifle         Control Consoles, Motorbike    
  30                 Motorcycle Rocks (per m/yd), Lamp Post, Manhole Cover, Brick Wall (per m/yd), Metal Door, Control Consoles, Machinery (per m/yrd), Motorbike    
9 31.5                   Machinery (per m/yrd)    
10 35       Gatling Gun (5d6), Machingun (5d6) 50 cal machinegun         Jeep/Small Car, Machinery (per m/yrd) Motorcycles Car
11 38.5         man portable howitzer         Machinery (per m/yrd), Jeep/Small Car    
  40                   Machinery (per m/yrd), Jeep/Small Car    
12 42         15mm cannon, man portable laser cannon         Machinery (per m/yrd)    
  45                   Medium Car, Machinery (per m/yrd)    
13 45.5         20mm cannon         Machinery (per m/yrd)    
14 49 1         Stinger Missile       Large Tree, Telephone Pole, Concrete Wall (per m/yd), Armored Wall (per m/yd), Medium Car    
  50 1 Laser Lasergun, Machincannon, Autocannon Lt. Beam Gun railgun, 30-50mm cannon, lt. beam gun   100 troops, Fanbike     Machinery (per m/yrd), Medium Car    
  55                   Medium Car Buggies  
  60                 Sportscar Medium Car    
  65                   Medium Car Trucks  
  70                 Car Metal Wall (per m/yd), Medium Car    
  75                   Medium Car Limousine  
  80                 Jeep, Automobile (SBB), Helicopter (SBB) Medium Car    
15 100 2 Plasma Gun, Melee Weapon, Flamer Lasercannon, Rocket Launcher, Melee Weapon Beam Sweeper, Autocannon, Rocket Pod 60-80mm cannon, rocket pod, beam sword*   Jet Aircraft, Fan Car All windows shatter, Fanbike Aerodyne (SBB), Speedboat (SBB) Truck, Train    Truck
  110                 Airplane (SBB)      
  120                 Truck      
16 150 3 Laser Rifle Plamagun Hvy Energy Rifle (8d6), Med. Beam Gun, Lt. Cannon 90-100mm cannon, mecha machine cannon     All windows shatter, Fan sportscar, Fan Car (175) Minisub (SBB) Small fighter jet Constructors, TH-32-AT Helicopter, Fighters  
17 200 4 150mm, Energy Melee Weapon, Plasma Rifle Plasmacannon, 150mm, Energy Melee Weapon Beam Cannon, Pulse Cannon, Rocket Launcher 120-140mm cannon, beam cannon Tank Fan Truck Cracks in walls. minor burns, Fan Jeep Transport Helicopter (SBB), Yacht (SBB) Vault Door, Private jet, Small fighter jet  Boats, Attack hlicopters, Space Fighter, Minishuttle, Spy Sattelite  
18 250 5   Missile Melee Weapon 150-200mm cannon, mecha melee weapon* Giant Robot Weapons Cities/Bases, 1-6 inch Wood Wall Cracks in walls. minor burns   Combat APC, Small fighter jet GMBT-178 Tank, Garshim APC, Scarabe APC Jet Fighter
19 300 6 Missile Launcher, Machine Rifle 300mm Hvy. Beam Gun, Med. Cannon, Hvy. Autocannon, Missile Pod, Energy Melee Weapon hvy. autocannon, missile pod, hvy. beam gun   Battlefoil, Fan Attacker Gaping holes. paper, wood smoulder, major burns, Fan-carrier   Mini-sub Half-track  
20 350 7       300mm cannon Bomb   Gaping holes. Paper, wood burst into flames. Severe burn damage     Melkian Tank, A-39 and Skybus aircraft Tank
21 400 8 300mm   Hvy. Beam Cannon hvy. beam cannon,   Gun emplacement Wall collapses. Cement, concrete crack from heat. Critical burn damage. Transport Plane (SBB) MBT Tank CH-226 Helicopter, Dropship, Shuttle  
22   9     Hvy. Cannon Artillery Cannon, mecha howitzer,     Wall collapses. Metal too hot to touch.        
23   10 Strike Missile Strike Missile, Laser Pulse Cannon   Large Artillery Cannon, mega beam cannon   Cities/Bases, brick, masonry Entire structure collapses. Metal becomes molten.        
24   11       battleship cannon     Structure explodes, collapses        
25   12     Giant Cannon, Hvy. Missile Cruise missile, 18in battleship cannon Battleship   structure vaporizes        
28   15     Nova Cannon   Superman Cities/Bases, concrete block, metal faced wall          
29   16                   Heavy Shuttle  
    20   Plasma Bolt Cannon       Cities/Bases, Steel Walls       Gotho's Freighter  
    24                 C-25 cargo jet FC-85 Transport Aircraft  
    25                 Destroyer Supply Tug  
    30   Kinetic Kill Cannon               Balarant Supply Ship  
    40   Mega-Missile Launchers                  
50   50   Thermal Lance Lt. Battery           Cruiser    
60   60                     Small Ship, Skyscraper
70   70   Plasma Torpedoes                  
80   80   Tachyon Accellerator Cannon                  
90   90                      
100   100   X-Ray Megalaser, Novastar Cannon Med. Battery   Hydrogen Bomb   Freighter   Submarine   Medium Ship, several skyscrapers
150   150     Multi-Missiles             Ovano Class  
175   175                   Meez Class  
200   200   Warp Motion Gun Hvy Battery       Frigate Superlight Starship   LS-9900 Land Battleship, Gilga Class, Teltain Large Ship, Several City Blocks of Skyscrapers
    250                   Secret Society Flagship  
300   300   SuperDimensional Cannon         Corvette   Aircraft Carrier Leslion Class Huge Ship (aircraft carrier), typical town
350   350                   Bauntant  
400   400             Destroyer Lightweight Starship   Space Battleship X  
500   500     Superhvy Battery       Battlecruiser        
600   600             Hvy Cruiser Striker Starship     Asteroid, Average Mountain, Small City
700   700     Strike Missile       Planetary-Class Battleship        
800   800             Star-Class Battleship M. Striker Starship     Small Moon, Huge City, Rocky Mountains
900   900             Nova-Class Battleship        
1000   1000     Core Cannon       Supernova-Class Battleship H. Striker Starship      
1200   1200               M. Weight Starship      
1400   1400               L. Heavy Starship      
1600   1600               M. Heavy Starship     Large Moon or Small Planet (Pluto)
1800   1800               A. Heavy Starship      
2000   2000               S. Heavy Starship      
2200   2200               Mg.Heavy Starship      
3200   3200                     Typical Planet (Earth)
6400   6400                     Large Planet (Neptune)
12,800   12,800                     Huge Planet (Jupiter)