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Mecha Construction Tables for
Bubblegum Crisis RPG

All of the stats for the mecha from the Bubblegum Crisis RPG were created using Mekton Zeta Plus, a set of mecha construction rules for another game by R. Talsorian called Mekton Zeta. There are several changes made to the original Zeta Plus rules, however, that require extensive calculation to convert mecha over to Bubblegum Crisis. Using the guidelines given by Benjamin Wright at the Bubblegum Crisis RPG Archives and in the new book Before and After, I have compiled all of the relevant tables necessary to create everything from a Hardsuit to a Battlesuit to a Car to a Mover. You will still need Mekton Zeta Plus to make sense of many of these tables. My intention was not to replace those rules, only to make conversion easier. Wherever possible, I have also attempted to include examples from mecha in the book to act as a guideline while constructing your own mecha.

I have created seperate sets of tables for each type of vehicle commonly found in the Bubblegum Crisis universe. Consult each set of tables for the appropiate design.

There will be other sets of tables and rules in the near future covering common vehicle creation such as Motorcycles, Helicopters, and Jets.

As a special note, it is stated in the Bubblegum Errata and Notes available at R.Talsorian and at the Bubblegum Crisis Archive that one Mekton Zeta Construction Point (CP) equals one Fuzion or Bubblegum Crisis Campaign Point (CP). This is not actually the case, however. One CP in Champions: The New Millenium is based around the ability of one character to do 1d6 points of damage. Bubblegum Crisis supports this. A characters spending 1 Campaign Point (BGC) can purchase a weapon that does 1d6 damage. Armor, alternatively, costs 1 Campaign Point (BGC) per 2 points of armor.

Mekton, however, exists around the concept of one Construction Point (MZ) being able to do 1 Kill in damage and alternatively 1 Construction Point (MZ) of armor stops 1 Kill of damage. 1 Kill (MZ) equals 1 Kill (BGC) and 50 Hits (BGC) as well. Therefore, according to Champions: The New Millenium and Bubblegum Crisis Erratta, 1 Campaign Point (BGC) can either purchase a handgun doing 1d6 HITS in damage or a 100mm Anti-Tank gun doing 1 Kill or 50 HITS in damage. Also, you can purchase 5 CP or armor for 10 PD of protection or 5 CP of armor for 5 Kills of protection. This is not at all balanced and is a major loophole.

The way to plug this is to add 13 Campaign Points (BGC) to the Mekton Zeta Plus Construction Point cost of all weapons created with Mekton Zeta and to multiply the Construction Point (MZ) cost of all armor by 12.5.

Therefore, a 1.5 Kill weapon in Bubblegum Crisis would actually cost 14.5 Campaign Points and 1.5 Kills of armor would acutally cost 37.5 Campaign Points not counting any power complication modifiers for being Obvious Inaccessible or Accessible Focii (around 25 points).

One last note is that in MY campaign, Bubblegum Conundrum, I split Character Creation up into three point pools from Champions: The New Millenium. Each character receives 60 Statistic Points (SP) for basic attributes, 50 Campaign Points (CP) for skills and complications, and 200 Equipment Points (PP) with which to purchase equipment, hardsuits (easily 150-170 EP). Mecha is purchased with Equipment Points and not Campaign Points like in the book. And Points can be exchanged at a rate of 5 to 1 (1 SP = 5 CP = 25 EP).

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